Aquatic Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility


The inaugural YMCA Aquatic Safety Summit was hosted by Boroondara Sports Complex on December 6, the event aimed to increase awareness of the importance of aquatic safety.

Bringing together a diverse audience of all local YMCA team members, from lifeguards to Area Managers, as well as key industry stakeholders and council partners, the summit highlighted to everyone the fact that no matter what your role is, aquatic safety is everyone’s responsibility.

A timely reminder for participants with the busiest season for aquatics beginning in December, one attendee noted that the summit, “served as a strong reminder for us all to be alert when supervising or walking through our wet areas.”

Throughout the event participants took part in a range of workshops and brainstorming activities, exploring the reality of lifeguarding and that, as a lifeguard it is a matter of ‘when’ something will happen not ‘if’. Everyone made their own commitments to aquatic safety and took part in various activities.

An expert panel also took questions from the audience, allowing for a constructive discussion and a deep insight into aquatic safety from a range of perspectives. One participant explained, “Not having a strong aquatics background it was good to get a better picture of the work involved.”

The summit also focused on looking at career progression within the recreation and aquatics industry. Participants were able to spend time discussing their future career aspirations with YMCA leaders, helping to guide them in their career planning.

Every attendee left the summit feeling prepared and aware of the need to uphold their commitment to aquatic safety. And, as one attendee explained, “The summit brought back to front of mind the importance of the team working collaboratively to ensure our staff and patrons are leaving our centre as safe as they entered.”