Older Adults take a Giant Swing


Ten Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre (HALC) Active Movers members recently headed to YMCA’s Camp Manyung for a morning of fun and connection. The Older Adults Adventure Day took participants out of their comfort zone with fun activities and an exhilarating Giant Swing ride.

The Older Adults Adventure Day was designed to give participants the opportunity to experience new and exciting activities, while also providing a chance for social interaction with people they may not have otherwise met.

Participants were transported from HALC to YMCA Camp Manyung, where they showed off their Archery skills before enjoying a delicious morning tea. After refueling, participants took turns taking the plunge on the Giant Swing.

Not everyone was eager to participate on the Giant Swing, but with a bit of convincing those who were nervous faced their fear and took the adrenaline filled leap. Each participant was hoisted up in the air by their peers before pulling the cord and taking the swing!

Despite the hesitation to begin, participants were elated after their swings and happy to have stepped out of their comfort zone and faced their fears. The day helped to not only boost participants’ confidence, but helped them to meet and share experiences with new people.

The Adventure Day was a huge success, leaving everyone with fun memories, new friends and an exciting story to tell.