Programming Schedule Review Spring

  • Date: 26 July 2018
  • Category: General
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The Programming Schedule is a comprehensive guide to group fitness and training classes offered at Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre and connected facilities.

Classes Currently Under Review

We are currently reviewing our Programming Schedule to improve our offering to members.

Some of our classes are under review due to low attendance, these include:

  • Monday 6:15am Body Pump
  • Monday 7:30am Deep Water Running
  • Monday 12:30pm Body Pump
  • Tuesday 6:15pm Pilates
  • Tuesday 7:30pm Body Balance
  • Wednesday 10:50am Body Pump
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Cycle
  • Wednesday 6:00pm Body Balance

If you'd like to see the classes above continue, participate in the next few weeks to improve attendance averages.

Click here to complete our current Programming Schedule feedback survey.

The survey is open until Sunday 12 August. Our Spring Programming Schedule will launch in late August.