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Friday 22 February 2019
Fri 22nd February 2019
6:15 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Cam G 45min
7:00 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Cam G 45min
9:30 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Tom J 45min
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors


Fri 22nd February 2019
6:00 AM SQUAD SWIMMING (Outdoor 50m Pool) - John B 60min
6:15 AM BODY ATTACK (Program Room 1) - Jess B 45min
6:15 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Cam G 45min
6:15 AM Cycle (Cycle Room) - Denise M 45min
7:00 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Cam G 45min
8:30 AM DEEP WATER AQUA (Outdoor 50m Pool) - Kaz S 55min
9:15 AM PRYME CIRCUIT (Program Room 2) - Cam T 55min
9:30 AM AdrenalineHIT (Gym) - Tom J 45min
9:30 AM BODY PUMP (Program Room 1) - Lily Liao 55min
10:00 AM PRYME ACTIVE (Program Room 2) - Sue W 55min
10:50 AM Virtual Cycle (Cycle Room) 45min
11:00 AM VINYASA FLOW YOGA (Program Room 2) - Crystal 55min
11:00 AM PRYME DANCE (Program Room 1) - Florencia 55min
11:15 AM GENTLE WATER EXERCISE (Indoor 20m Pool) - Aymee B 45min
12:00 PM TAI CHI (Program Room 1) - Margie 55min
12:30 PM PILATES (Program Room 2) - Zoe S 55min
6:00 PM Virtual Cycle (Cycle Room) 45min
6:30 PM ZUMBA (Program Room 1) - Morella O 55min

Contact Details

  • Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre
  • 1 Grace Street
  • Phone: 03 8393 9500
  • Fax: 03 8393 9555
  • Suitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for families
  • Suitable for seniors

Click here for our Holiday Group Fitness Timetable, which includes Results Plus classes. Starts from 18th December 2017 and ends 7th January 2018.

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ResultsPLUS is a YMCA developed, group functional training program designed to deliver fast results.

The key to functional training is integration. It's about teaching all of the muscles in your body to work together rather than in isolation. This makes you fitter, stronger and will get you the results you are looking for!

We are excited to announce that as of 1 July 2016, Health and Wellness memberships across the Boroondara Leisure sites will include access to ResultsPLUS. This means unlimited access to what was previously only available to Results Plus members, including Functional Group Training sessions in our Functional Training Zone across all of the Boroondara Leisure sites.

Please note: We invite all Health and Wellness members to attend our ResultsPLUS classes. Please ensure you have attended an ‘Introduction to Functional Training’ session prior to participating in these classes. Our ‘Introduction to Functional Training’ sessions are designed to teach participants basic movements to perform safely within ResultsPLUS sessions.

‘Introduction to Functional Training’ sessions and Health Consultations are free of charge for any current Health and Wellness Membership holder. We highly encourage members to take advantage of this offer and stay on track with their health and wellness goals. 

AdrenalineHIT - The ultimate combination of Functional Training and High Intensity Interval Training delivered in an explosive 45 minute workout that combines all of the movements and techniques from the other training sessions. This is your chance to challenge yourself and measure the improvements.

Strength45 - Push, Pull, Squat and lift... just a few movements you do on a day to day basis. In this 45 minute session you will learn to perform these movements in a safe, efficient and effective manner to increase strength, power and endurance.

Session Features:

  •   Structured sessions so you know what to expect
  •   Coaches provide personal feedback and motivation
  •   Time efficient workouts
  •   Faster results
  •   Unique equipment and engaging training methods

So what are you waiting for? Come in and feel the difference today!

ResultsPLUS at other Boroondara Leisure and Aquatics Facilities:

Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre
Boroondara Sports Complex
Kew Recreation Centre

Please note that instructors can be subject to change based on their availability. For the most up-to-date timetable and covers listing please contact the centre.