Make Up Lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a make-up lesson?

If your child misses their usual lesson and you advise us with at least two hours notice that you can’t attend, you are eligible for a make-up lesson. Members can access a maximum of four make-up lessons per calendar year. Students participating in the seasonal program at Boroondara Sports Complex can access a maximum of two make-up lessons per season.

A make-up lesson allows your child to participate in another class of the same level.

Make-up lesson availability is dependent on vacancies in other classes. We wish we could, but unfortunately we can’t always give you the same teacher or a time that you may ideally prefer.

Can I book my make-up lesson now for it to occur in two weeks?

Enrolments in each class change frequently, this is due to a number of reasons such as children progressing to the next level and families needing to move to another day. In order to provide families with continued program flexibility for permanent class enrolments, make-up lessons can only be booked a maximum 6 days in advance.

What happens if I’m not able to attend my make-up lesson?

A make-up lesson cannot be made for a make-up lesson. Unfortunately a make-up lesson that is unattended is forfeited.

I forgot to cancel my attendance. Can I still use my make-up lesson?

We require you to cancel your class to be eligible for a make-up. Cancelling with as much notice as possible also creates more opportunities for other students to have their make-up lessons.

My lesson is at 8.30am on Sunday morning and the centre opens at 8.00am, how can I provide two hours notice?

The two hours notice applies to centre business hours. Calling the centre the evening prior to your lesson morning will constitute two hours notice. For centre business (opening hours) please see

Can I purchase more make-up lessons?

Four make-up lessons is the maximum for each student (two for students at Boroondara Sports Complex). Medical suspensions are available if your child is unwell for two successive weeks or more (a medical certificate is required). You are not able to purchase more make-up lessons.

If I cancel my swimming lesson membership and re-join in the same calendar year, do I get four more make-up lessons?

The maximum number of make-up lessons per annum for each student remains the same even if their enrolment changes during the year.