Today's Timetables

Timetable Monday 29th August 2016

  • Pryme
    • 9:30 AM PRYME ACTIVE - Nola B 55min Program Room 2
      11:30 AM PRYME STRENGTH - Emily F-P 55min Program Room 2
  • Aqua
    • 6:00 AM SQUAD SWIMMING 55min Outdoor 50m Pool
      8:30 AM DW AQUA AEROBICS - Janine G 55min Outdoor 50m Pool
      11:45 AM GENTLE WATER EXERCISE - Aymee B 55min Indoor 20m Pool
  • Cycle
    • 6:15 AM CYCLE - Kanella 55min Cycle Room
      9:30 AM CYCLE - Michelle H 55min Cycle Room
      9:30 AM PRYME CYCLE 55min Cycle Room
      5:30 PM CYCLE - Dean H 55min Cycle Room
      6:30 PM CYCLE - Sue W 55min Cycle Room
  • Group fitness
    • 6:15 AM BODY PUMP EXP - Jen C 45min Program Room 1
      9:30 AM BODY BALANCE - Patrick M 55min Program Room 2
      10:30 AM GENTLE YOGA - Susie M 55min Program Room 2 Suitable For Seniors
      10:45 AM BODY STEP - Andrea P 55min Program Room 1
      12:30 PM BODY PUMP (30min) - Andrea P 30min Program Room 1
      1:00 PM CX WORX - Andrea P 30min Program Room 1
      5:30 PM CARDIO BOX 55min Childcare Room
      6:00 PM BODY BALANCE - Danielle W 55min Program Room 2
      6:30 PM BODY PUMP - Jamie B 55min Program Room 1
      7:00 PM YOGA - Kristian H 55min Program Room 2
      7:30 PM ZUMBA 55min Program Room 1
  • Suitable for pre/post natalSuitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for familiesSuitable for families
  • Suitable for seniorsSuitable for seniors



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