Today's Timetables

Timetable Friday 19th December 2014

  • Aqua
    • 6:00 AM Squad Swimming* High Per… 60min Outdoor 50m Pool
      8:30 AM DW Aqua Aerobics 45min Outdoor 50m Pool
      11:30 AM Gentle Water Exercise 45min Indoor 20m Pool
  • Cycle
    • 6:15 AM CYCLE 45min Indoor 20m Pool
      9:30 AM CYCLE 45min Cycle Room
  • Group fitness
    • 6:15 AM BODY ATTACK Express 45min Program Room 1
      9:15 AM PRYME CIRCUIT 60min Program Room 2 Suitable For Seniors
      9:30 AM BODY PUMP 60min Program Room 1
      10:00 AM PRYME ACTIVE 45min Program Room 2 Suitable For Seniors
      11:00 AM YOGA 60min Program Room 2
      2:00 PM Pryme Strength 55min Program Room 2 Suitable For Seniors
      5:30 PM Pilates 45min Program Room 2
      6:00 PM CYCLE / CX-WORX 60min Gym
  • Suitable for pre/post natalSuitable for pre/post natal
  • Suitable for familiesSuitable for families
  • Suitable for seniorsSuitable for seniors


The redevelopment

Watch the redevelopment

See the new Hawthorn Aquatic & Leisure Centre rebuilt from the ground up. The construction process took approximately two years. Watch the centre take shape to become a state-of-the-art aquatic and leisure… Read more